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Why Choose Rattan?

Hand-crafted, natural, and always quite special, the distinctive look of wicker and rattan furniture adds charm and style to any setting. Once limited to Victorian or tropical looks, this furniture comes in designs to delight every taste - collections with the mood of yesteryear that ooze romance as well as  groupings that are remarkably contemporary.

Because wicker and rattan can be damaged by direct exposure to the elements, they are most often used in sheltered areas - porches, screen rooms, sunrooms - or indoors. (There is all-weather wicker, which we'll be discussing later.) In appropriate settings, quality wicker and rattan are exceedingly durable and, with proper care, will last long enough to become important family heirlooms. Handsome older pieces currently command top dollar among antique collectors.

Characteristics: Durable, versatile, classic styling; perfect as accents or in groupings.

Location:Any room indoors, or on porches. Only specially treated or synthetic wicker may be left in unsheltered outdoor locations.

Quality wicker feels smooth and has no splinters or ends sticking out to catch clothing or possibly unweave. The pattern is consistently tight and uniform. The wicker weave never should be clogged with paint. Better rattan is built with thick framing poles of equivalent size. The seat frames are reinforced with hardwood corner blocks and extra bracing for weight-supporting joints and the leg backs.

Maintenance: Natural untreated wicker needs to be inside and under cover once the chill of fall begins. Indoors or out, like any wood, wicker and rattan can dry out. Indoors, keep it out of the direct line of any source of heat. All weather wicker, designed to be left outdoors, takes well to being hosed off every few weeks and cleaned periodically with mild detergent and water.

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